Dongguan Xiongju electronic products Co., Ltd Located in the beautiful town of Chashan, Dongguan City, the company is specialized in the production and manufacturing of transformer special rubber core, framework, coil, wire rack. In order to meet the needs of customers who need to transfer the factory, the company is now a general taxpayer, and can issue 13% VAT invoice.
The company has more than 1000 sets of molds for transformer rubber core and framework; there are general and non-standard types: UL flat needle, fish head needle, mother and child needle, with UL rubber core, with terminal

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Why choose us?
  • More than ten years of experience
    For more than ten years, we have been specializing in the production and manufacture of special rubber core, framework, coil and wire frame for transformer. We have more than 500 sets of plastic products and molds for general and non-standard transformer rubber core, framework and shell.
  • ISO certification
    Our products have passed the ISO international certification standard strictly. We have the advantage ability to meet the technical requirements of our products. Our quality is more guaranteed!
  • 7 * 24 hours service
    7 * 24-hour customer service responds in time, solves your problems in time when you encounter difficulties, as well as various difficulties in use.
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    How to strengthen the quality inspection of the voltage transformer frame
    In the production stage, besides the first piece inspection and patrol inspection, the final full inspection is also an important part of strengthening the quality.
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    What is the best plastic material for transformer frame rubber core
    Transformer frame is widely used in practice. The plastic raw materials of transformer frame rubber core on the market are mainly flame-retardant PA plastic raw materials, flame-retardant PBT plastic raw materials and flame-retardant PP plastic raw materials. What is the best plastic raw material for transformer frame rubber core production?
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    The turning year of domestic chips
    According to the prediction of WSTS, in 2019, the global semiconductor sales will decline by 13.3% compared with the previous year, and the three industrial links of semiconductor design, manufacturing and packaging will be affected.
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